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Regaining Function

Sporting and General Injury Management


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Regaining Function
Sporting and General Injury Management

After playing the 2013 season frustrated by ongoing back problems and undergoing a variety of different 

treatments - I started physio with Peter .


Following a thorough assessment and the identification of my underlying problem I commenced a treatment program designed to treat and correct the cause of the dysfunction. This helped eliminate my pain and I was able to start specific exercises that lead to a return to full playing capacity.

Tom Hawkins

Geelong Cats AFL

Peter is available for consultation at his Geelong based practice - 


9 Pakington Street

Geelong West

(Church St end of Pakington St)

Booking a Consultation


All appointments are made via the bookings link on this website -.

This is a practice run without reception staff.

Payment is required at the time of booking your appointment.

Payment is made via PayPal or a Credit Card (which also uses a PayPal link)


No HICAP's refunds are processed at the time of consultation - most Health Funds process receipts online or your receipt can be taken to your Health Fund.

Your body is a beautifully designed machine. It helps you participate in a whole range of different activities or adventures
- until an injury, accident, stress, or poorly controlled movement causes dysfunction.

This can result in pain, or a decreased ability to perform in the manner you desire.


Our aim is to help you regain optimal function in the shortest possible time - helping you back to the life you want to be living.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy refers to the way in which physiotherapy is practiced. It is an approach based on function - an excellent way to approach the treatment of both sporting and non-sporting injuries.


Sports Physiotherapy approaches the body as a whole - and attempts to help the body move toward 'optimal' function.


The most important step towards full rehabilitation involves treating the specific areas of the body that create the dysfunction. 


When the specific dysfunction is improving sufficiently the focus broadens to include an overall technique analysis and correction, postural changes, specific correction of joint or muscle imbalances and specific movement re-education - all of which can be important as you progress toward full function.


Once the body is on the way to performing in a more functional manner it is common for pain to reduce and function to improve.


The maintenance and progression of this improved function is then assisted by retraining overall muscle function, movement control and posture via the use of well directed exercises.

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